What do you do at Forest School?

If you are thinking of setting up a Forest School here are some of the things we get up to at our weekly sessions for children under 5 years old and their parents. 

Forest School is regular sessions in the same outdoor location. Children can see the impact of the changing seasons and immerse themselves in play.​

Allow yourself to be child led. Get into their world as they explore and grow in confidence in the wild outdoors.

The 1 minute video below shows some of the things children get up to forest school.

What could a GREAT Forest School session include?

  • TIME for free play

  • Opportunity to explore nature

  • Learn new skills like how to safely light a campfire and cook over it

  • Chance to learn to use tools outdoors (including how to cut, saw, drill and bang wood)

  • Sensory play in water and mud!

  • Plenty of den building and creative play. Den building is made accessible to younger children with tarps and bungees. Children can craft their own worlds easily and get on with playing in them

  • Stories from books and our imaginations with nature and environmental themes. Familiar characters like The Gruffalo and Stick Man help the children settle in as well as introducing new stories that will become firm favorites


These are great examples of things our children get up to at Forest School. Check out my Instagram below to see more ideas!

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