Get set, wellie, go!

It's essential that your child has the right footwear for the outdoors - we are jumping in puddles not strolling in Sainsbury's... wellies or strong outdoor shoes are essential and maximize the fun children can have outside. 

Dressed for all occasions

Forests can be delightful in the spring, superb in the summer and awesome in the autumn... but only with the right outfit! Children can't fully experience the outdoors if they are worried about getting always wear old clothes you don't mind getting wet or muddy.

Not so tough mudder

After a fun day's forest learning, there are bound to be a couple of muddy little hands here and there, be sure to help your little one with a good old scrub after sessions and before eating.

Can do attitude

Developing resilience is important in forest school. So try, try again. It can sometimes be frustrating for adults to watch a child trying to do something, and it can be tempting to step in. Try to step back and watch the satisfaction on your child’s face when they truly achieve something themselves.

Free play is the best way

Don't underestimate the value of free play. Give your child the space to get comfortable with their surroundings and come up with their own projects and ideas.

Be child led

Forest School is about the development of confidence and self-esteem. Small achievements if they are self initiated can be very positive steps in confidence building. A child choosing to make their own bow and arrow and being allowed to do this makes the achievement even more empowering than being told ‘this is what we are doing today’.

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