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Do you want to give your child a Forest School experience? Are you keen to get out into the forest but not sure what to do? Are you a Parent, Child Minder or do you work in Early Years? 

This eBook will give you the ideas and confidence to get outdoors with your children through a Forest School approach. You will gain 5 weeks worth of outdoor inspiration using natural materials. You will learn games you can play outside to help your children connect with nature. This book introduces you to simple tools you can use with your children to help them build their confidence and self esteem. This book will help you to introduce your child to Early Environmental Concepts that will help them to grow up caring about the world around them and taking actions to save their world. 

This eBook has been written by Lois Betts owner of Muddy Footprints Forest School based on her experience as a forest school leader and using the techniques to get her own three children outdoors and caring about their environment. 

Forest School From Home

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