We Saved The 100 Year Old Oak!

So we did it! As you can see from this article in the Rugby Advertiser and in the Rugby Observer the opposition by people from across Rugby and our protest meant that the developers changed their plans and saved the 100 year old oak! Brilliant news.

Campaign group Save Our Oak Tree (SOOT) held a protest at the site. Photo by C Ravenhall-Essex...

As of 28th April 2020 the oak tree is still in place, sadly several around it were approved to be removed. Which is sad and crazy the developers were allowed to remove hedgerows as well.

I'm proud of our achievements and will continuing protesting about renewable energy not being a predominant feature of developments in Rugby.

I attended a planning meeting for the Ashlawn Road development and focused on the face that new developments are missing an opportunity to be designed favorably for solar energy capture. Positioning houses south facing would mean they could capture so much more of the sun's energy. Of course the developers should be installing renewable technology as part of the initial build, but even if they can't having most of the houses with a south facing roof would make a massive difference.

I will continue lobbying the council and developers to improve the energy from renewable sources in new developments. More to come on this.

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