Why is Wildcraft Adventure the BEST Outdoor Holiday Club Ever?

You may have heard we offer a Holiday Club, but what do the kids do all day I hear you ask?

Drop off is at 10:20 and then the fun begins!

The kids work in teams of 4 or 5 friends. These are the Explorers, Miners, Gatherers and Hunters each with special bonus skills to earn extra XP points.

First they 'mine' for resources, this is a play from Minecraft the game and gets the kids exploring the woods and looking really closely for the painted rocks which become resources. Collect these in baskets and keep them safely at the special location they have chosen to make their team shelter.

Once they have resources they trade with us at the market place. For example kids can swap rocks for useful things to build their shelters with. Some of the team will be trading and some will be starting to build their shelters.

The day is split into 3 days and 2 nights so they need to construct their dens before the first nightfall. When they must all be inside their shelters to hide from the monster! So exciting and really gets the kids engaged.

As the game moves on the children will be involved in a tools session where they will learn to use tools to make weapons. This is a carefully managed section with fully trained Forest School leaders introducing the children to tools. The kids are always really proud of their achievements.

Your children will get a demonstration of fire lighting and will get to light a fire for their team using traditional techniques. All the children love this and we are teaching valuable fire safety skills. And of course the kids love toasting their sausages and marshmallows!

The Games Master will be scoring the kids achievements with XP points and we see the kids get really creative with their play and working together to win points.

The final stage is to unlock the portal and escape the Wilderwood. This brings the teams together and includes announcing the winning team!

So after 5 hours playing the wood the children will be shattered and ready to go home and tell you all about it.

Feedback has been so lovely and most of the places have been re-bookings from children who enjoyed it so much the first time!

One of the Mums said afterwards "We love your Wildcraft Adventures (and by we, I do include myself as I'm such a fan of outdoor activities for the kids)" Vicky Page, parent of two Wildcrafters who attended two sessions in 2018.

So if you think your kids should be spending their school holidays playing in the woods then here's the admin you need to know to get them booked on.

We run these sessions on selected Wednesdays during the School Holidays. Available at our bookings page now.

Tickets are £30 per child and discount places of £25 for each additional sibling. Open to all children aged 8-12 years, 7 year olds allowed with an older sibling or friend. Advance booking is essential.

Wildcraft Adventure™ Copyright 2016 Woodland Classroom. All Rights Reserved.


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