Role models make an impact on our children

Buzzing 🐝🤣 after watching my first professional netball game with my 7 year old daughter tonight.

Thanks @georgina_fisher and the rest of @waspsnetball for taking the time to sign autographs. It has made me realise the importance of role models in my daughter's life. Real people that she can see setting their sights on something and achieving their goals.

Her new school moto is "it's ok not to know, but it's not ok not to try". Combining this attitude with visibility of real people achieving stuff is pretty powerful. And this doesn't just apply to children.

As adults we often get stuck in a rut or stuck doing things just because we have always done it that way. How transformative to see people living their dreams through hard work 👊. We are booked to watch the @waspsnetball team play again at the end of May. We can't wait!

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