Mum and daughter bonding over fossils!

This weekend had been a busy one visiting family in Poole. While we were there I decided to take the chance to go fossil hunting with my 7 year old daughter. It was wonderful! 

It was a windy and wet day. Amber and I walked down to the beach together. Just the two of us. Already this is special as you will know if you have several children (3 for us) you don't often get time one to one! 

We climbed down the steep steps and passed over the little bridge over the river. We were both so excited. And not sure how easy it would be to find any fossils at all. I had Googled fossil hunting locations so knew they were here but would we be able to find them? 

The tide was in and the waves were crashing on the stones. We started picking up rocks to look for fossils. Amber was so excited when she found the first imprint of an Ammonite! We hugged and shouted 😍. We kept looking and found more and more. It was such a buzz and so awesome for me to see her so excited. She said it was the best time ever. 

We both appreciated how special it was to get a glimpse into life millions of years ago. 

It may have only been less than an hour on the beach together. But it will stay with me forever. Now we are home again back to normality of school runs it will remain a precious and special time where we bonded in our excitement of finding fossils together. 

Mother and daughter relationships can be complicated and also incredibly simple. 

Sharing the time to do something that your child or mother enjoys is priceless. 

I hope we can continue to find special moments together as she grows up and build our connection. 

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