Why the beach means more than it seems

Time on the beach with young kids is hard! Wet clothes, sandy sandwiches, cold hands, babies eating sand! Hats off to those families who seem to enjoy a whole day in the sand…and in winter it’s even worse!

So why am I drawn to the beach? Why do I crave it when I’m away and plan trips to the beach with so much excitement?

I guess it come back to my childhood memories again. My family had a static caravan in North Wales when we were growing up. Abersoch has always been a beautiful coastline and now it’s even more trendy. Full of coffee shop, restaurants and designer shops. You can’t move for Joules, Jack Wills and Fat Face.

I have this feeling that I want my kids to go to the places I experienced as a child. Effectively I want to relive my own childhood memories but with my children this time. I want to make new memories with my family in places that have meaning to me from my childhood. The beach is one of those timeless places. That’s what I love about nature. Shops change, buildings change, but natural environments like beaches and forests seem to have a wonderful lasting presence. Perfect for reliving old memories with the new most important people in the world to us.

Looking ahead I want my kids to remember these places fondly and maybe come back to them one day. These natural environments will outlive us all and hopefully they won’t change too much. I’m hoping that if my kids have happy memories in the outdoors they will try to protect the natural environments for their own children. I’ve been talking today with my 7 year old about importance of picking up plastic from the beach. As said by @kaybeeinthesea “If only we could teach people to pick up the garbage and leave the nature. Instead they walk right past plastic just to stop and remove a shell that belongs right where it is.” 🙏🙋🐚

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