Sharing my Mission, Vision and Values

Coming from a corporate business background there are some things I felt really strongly that I needed when setting up my own business. Things that I have done in the background so far but not been very good at sharing. So here goes…🙈

I’ve defined my Mission, Vision and Values. This may sound overly corporate. You may also think that companies have these and they don’t follow them. Well maybe. But I think it’s a really good way to look at the bigger picture. If I’m making decisions on a daily basis it’s good to have something to check them against. As a busy mum I don’t have lots of time so I need to focus on the things that will move me towards my vision and mission. And are my daily decisions in keeping with my values?

My mission is: To empower parents to raise a generation of children who will save the world.

Wow. This really is the big picture eh?!🌍💚

My visions is: Children have the blissful outdoor free time that is proven to connect them to nature and means they grow up caring enough to take action every day to save the world.

And Values?

– Respect Childhood – Process Not Product – Kindness is Key – Share our Journey – Give Nature a Chance.

By sharing these with you today it helps me so much. I want to be accountable to my aspirations and transparent with my actions. As my new business evolves I feel that if I am guided by these words it will grow in the right direction ☝

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