My daughter's aspirations

I was blown away yesterday when my daughter said to me that she imagines herself in the future working in a job where she is looking through a microscope.

I was amazed to hear her have such a clear idea of what she wants to be doing when she is older.

I’m led to believe that the imagination is a powerful thing. I’ve heard it time and time again on everything from weight loss to self help guidance that if you want to change yourself you should imagine yourself doing what you want to change to.

My business vision is empowering parents to raise a generation of children who will save the world.

I am wondering if my daughters’ aspirations to be a scientist will mean that one day she would be involved in work that would save the world🌍💚?

Perhaps she would be involved in climate change research, or in new technologies to replace plastic or to remove it from our environments? She talks about rocks and fossils a lot so maybe she will be involved in conservation of our precious habitats. Of course I don’t know for sure. And neither does she. But wouldn’t it be great if I can give her the daily opportunities to connect with and understand nature and the world around her so that perhaps she does go onto save the world?

Well I’ll give it a shot.

As a parent her daily experiences is about all I can influence. It’s up to her how she interprets it and what she chooses to do with her life.

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