How I changed my life from Corporate Mum to Forest School Mum

Over the past 5 years I’ve made some big changes that I want to share with you in pictures. Here are 5 pictures that represent my journey so far. If you would like to watch this as a You tube video filmed at Forest School click here.

Gosh picture 1 is me in 2013 trying to look smart for my corporate photo. I cringe now. At the time I was working in London (2 hours away as we live in Rugby) travelling loads up and down the country. I did work from home a lot too (long impersonal conference calls about broadband while waiting to pick my daughter up). After having my second daughter in 2014 I had a strong feeling I wanted things to be different.

Picture 2. I spend most of my maternity leave thinking about how I could not go back to working full time in London. I had a strong feeling I wanted to be outside more and not on calls with people far away. I wanted to connect to others with children. So I started the Forest School Level 3 course. I enjoyed it so much I resigned from BT.

Picture 3 is the logo I created for my new forest school business. This represented a massive dream come true. I have always said I wanted my own business. I’ve seen family members (including my brother) become incredible entrepreneurs and I wanted to start something for myself. During 2016 I established my own business as a sole trader. I got all the training and certification I needed and rented a site from the council. Bosh I had started. A real life forest school business offering classes for parents and their children twice a week. Things were about to change again as I was pregnant with our third baby.

Pic 4 is my family now. Two girls and a boy and my hard working husband.

Pic 5. Everything changed again when my 3rd arrived. Juggling 3 kids and a real life forest school is hard too. I’ve started blogging now and have set up a Facebook group (Outdoor Childhood Parent Group). I just love using the Forest School approach and getting outdoors with my own kids and inspiring parents to explore outdoors with their kids too. It’s been such a big change when you look back like this. But it’s been gradual and every stage had felt right. The main thing has been listening to myself.

We shall see how things progress over the next 5 years!

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