Lois Betts

Hey, I'm Lois. Mum of three and outdoor advocate. I am a Level 3 trained Forest School leader and am so pleased you have found the Muddy Footprints website! 

I support parents, teachers and entrepreneurs to get their children outside. 

I love getting outside with my own children. I love hearing my eldest daughter excited about Wildcraft Adventure and my middle daughter loves exploring the woods and discovering something nature. My son loves digging and jumping in the mud!

I hope you find valuable resources on this website and join me on social media in my Facebook groups for parents and businesses.

Drop me an email and I'd love to chat and hear about your wild adventures. 

Read on if you want to hear how I got into the world of Forest School...

How I found a meaningful career

After having my first baby I returned to my career thinking that was what I had to do. I tried to work my corporate job, travelling 2 hours daily to the office and juggle my growing baby and family life. I grew increasingly upset and stressed out that I wasn't doing the right thing for either work or home. 

So after 3 years when we got pregnant again I knew something had to change. I just knew I wouldn't make the same decision again spending so much time apart from my family. I started to see that things could be different. So I left my corporate job and started my training as a Forest School Leader. 

I knew I wanted to work outside and with children so this seemed perfect. It wasn't until I had my third baby that I felt I was in survival mode. I looked at myself and realised I needed something to make the messy days more meaningful for my toddler and baby. I began to bring my forest school skills together for my own family.  I now promote the value of outdoor activities and child-led play in connecting kids and families with nature. 

I've had my set backs. In 2018 I thought it was right to get back to earning lots in a corporate job. Within weeks I felt stressed and like I was working for something I just didn't care about. It had no meaning to me. Working for myself every hour I spend makes a difference to the success of the business. Every person who books on a course is valuable or buys from my shop, brings meaning to me and others in the groups. I love putting things together and bringing people together outside. So here's to staying focused on what brings meaning to my life!

Thanks for vising my Wix website. If you like what you see I would love to get to know you more through my Facebook group for parents called 'Outdoor Childhood Parent Group' or my Instragram. See you there! 

Lois x

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