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Do you feel your children should be spending more time outside? Are you looking for ways to get them interested in nature and the outdoors? Or are you looking to start your own outdoor business?

This website has been created by Lois Betts, mum of three and Outdoor Business Advocate who passionately believes in the importance of children spending time outside. I want to help parents, grandparents and teachers to give their children quality experiences in nature.

Thank you for visiting my website. If you like what you see join our community and share your journey with others trying to build connections with nature.



Forest School

What makes Forest School special?

Regular quality time outdoors with your children to connect with nature

Holiday Club

Aged 8-12 years

Wildcraft Adventure is a fun packed day outside to get kids off screens!

Your Business

Start your own Outdoor Business

Get support on setting up and running your own Forest School


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Our Outdoor Childhood Facebook Group is for parents and teachers

At Home

Get started

Parents learn how to use the Forest School approach at home


Outdoor Childhood Blog

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My story

Making forest crafts at Muddy Footprints Forest school in Rugby Warwickshire
Free play at Muddy Footprints Forest school in Rugby Warwickshire

Raising children who will save the world



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